This site continues to evolve.  I have added long and short walks, some links, countryside sites, news and contact details.  Why not get out and enjoy our countryside - that is why I have created the site!

Toddington is blessed with an extensive rights of way network (over 50km or 31miles) which allows a range of access around the parish.  A number of walks are shown on the walks page, some shorter walks are on the W4H page.  Most of the walks are loops which can be joined to make longer walks.  There are also a number of accessible nature reserves the largest is Sundon Quarry is a fascinatingly unusual countryside area available to freely roam - even if it is just over the parish boundary!  The Icknield Way runs through the parish and provides a long distance walking and riding route to Norfolk or Dorset!  The riding (horse and cycle) network in the village is a rather fragmented but we continue to seek improvements.

The map below highlights the rights of way in Toddington.  The red lines are footpath (FP), the green bridleways (BW).  Each path has an associated number which is unique within the parish.  The blue line is the parish boundary.  Central Bedfordshire have an on-line copy of the Definitive map, agree to copyright notice, select my maps on the top, then rights of way on the left hand menu and move map to Toddington.

Toddington RoW CBC map

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